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Welcome to UVSQ > About UVSQ > A multidisciplinary university

UVSQ is a multi-disciplinary university

The Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines is a leading multidisciplinary institution of higher education and research.

The quality of UVSQ’s undergraduate and graduate programs (master’s programs, doctorates, post-doctoral fellowships) is backed by the compelling research programs conducted in UVSQ research centers and laboratories.


Faculty of Medicine: medicine, health, biology, epidemiology, population health science


Faculty of Science: computer science, chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, health, mechanics, electronics, energy, materials

Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (OVSQ): environmental science, climatology, sustainable development studies

School of Engineering (ISTY)

Institutes of Technology: Vélizy and Mantes en Yvelines

Law and Political Science

Faculty of Law and Political Science: private law, public law, history of law, political science

Institut for Political Studies

Social Sciences and Humanities

Faculty of Social Sciences: economics, administration, sociology, geography, urban an regional planning, sustainable development studies, environmental science

Highter Institute of Management (ISM): management, human resource management, logistics

Institute of Cultural and International studies (IECI)
: history, languages, literature, culture and communication, musicology

Teacher Training College

Last update of this page : January 20, 2016

Key Facts

20,000 students
over 200 teaching programs
39 research structures
11 doctoral schools
partnerships in 50 countries
2,700 international students
1 cultural and international studies institute
1 student housing office
35 student organizations
135 cultural events every year

Presentation of the university

Founding member of